At our firm, we are confident that architecture plays a crucial role in shaping the future. We are committed to creating buildings that meet both current and future needs, with designs that prioritize positive environmental impact. We take pride in producing work that is ahead of its time and we are excited to continue pushing boundaries in the field of architecture. At our practice, we combine architecture and engineering, including structural and environmental engineering, urbanism, interior and industrial design, geometry, and materials research. We take great pride in our friendly and collaborative working environment, which resembles that of a compact university. By working together from the outset, we learn from one another and combine our expertise to create fully integrated design solutions.

Structural Engineering

The Structural Engineering team designs and delivers projects to world class standards. Their design philosophy is to find the most elegant and minimal solution to structural challenges, identifying the ‘inevitable’ solution where nothing more can be removed.
With technical expertise and experience, the team can tackle projects of varying scales and complexity. The team places a strong emphasis on research and development.


The principles of sustainable design have always been integral to the work of the practice. The Sustainability Team acts as a catalyst, finding ways to advance our sustainable design processes and offer thought leadership. The team develops sustainability strategies for projects in conjunction with the design teams. Our approach is holistic, aiming to foster innovation and enable every project to meet high performance standards.


Designing a building from both the inside-out and outside-in creates a sense of continuity and connection to the wider world. The initial step in any design solution is to comprehend people’s needs and how a space will be used. Our goal is to create interiors that are functional, elegant, and evoke a strong sense of place that complements the building’s outward expression.

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